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GFCM Lexington Fund

GFCM is launching its newest hedge fund, the GFCM Lexington Fund, which is structured to permit investment in smaller increments.  By law, hedge funds are largely unregulated by U.S. laws and are strictly prohibited from advertising. As a result, the GFCM Lexington Fund is offered as a private investment partnership. We can only extend this offer to fewer than 500 investors who meet certain important qualifications and can commit as little as US$5000 for at least two years. GFCM Lexington Fund will diversify between a number of different investment styles, strategies and managers to completely control all risk while yielding high returns.

According to Commodity Futures Hedge ReportTM, GFCM Lexington Fund is positioned for a 32% return during the first quarter after launch. Thereafter, returns can be expected to grow at an average rate of no less than 35%, based upon similar returns from funds run by the experienced investment team at GFCM using similar hedging strategies and the latest technology.

GFCM Lexington Fund is a private, unregistered investment pool that is unencumbered by disclosure and filing requirements imposed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other financial regulators. This reduces our administrative costs and increases the return to the investor. In addition, the tax implications are beneficial for the individual investor because all monies will be safely held in off-shore tax havens. Unlike traditional investments, GFCM Lexington Fund will not track recognized indexes. GFCM Lexington Fund will seek out unconventional investment strategies, including foreign exchange derivatives, crude oil derivatives and other energy derivatives, which will guarantee much higher returns.

Jonathan Cabot

Fund Manager Jonathan Cabot